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Monday, December 8, 2014

Alpaca Poo used in Acid Mine Drainage...

There is more to Alpacas than the Warm and Cuddly feeling:

EcoIslands LLC of Altoona PA, consultancy for Aplacas of the Alleghenies, will be using fresh and composted alpaca poo in order to make compost tea. This raw/compost tea will be used on an Acid Mine Drainage Site as a source of Organic Carbon for the synthetic wetlands installed by EcoIslands LLC.

The process of anaerobic digestion provides ammonia and organic carbon in the form of the microbes living and digesting the poo, which are consumed (providing carbon) by and for Manganese Oxidizing Fungi which treat the polluted mine water to meet quality standards.

Alternatives to synthetic wetlands and compost tea remediation include caustic soda, multi-acre ponds, hundreds of yards of compost and, on average, 10-100 times the capital cost.

Kudos to EcoIsland, LLC.